Scent Essence – Unisex (0182C)


Notes Similar to Ombre Nomade – Louis Vuitton ®


Is this one of your favourites? Try it in our new range of home fragrances or body scents _x000D_
This is an oriental fragrance for men and women._x000D_
(Notes Similar to Ombre Nomade – Louis Vuitton ®)_x000D_


  • Top Notes: Raspberry, Geranium, Agarwood (oud)
  • _x000D_

  • Middle Notes: Benzoin, Amberwood, Rose
  • _x000D_

  • Base Notes: Saffron, Incense, Birch
  • _x000D_

Louis Vuitton Inspired

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30ml, 50ml Extrait Spray (50% Oil), 50ml Spray (22% Oil)


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